The Interdisciplinary Project of Basic Research


Program Council: Ph.D. Janina Buczkowska (UKSW); Prof. Ph.D. Anna Czajka Cunico (UKSW); Prof. Ph.D. Teresa Dobrzyńska (IBL PAN), Prof. Ph.D. Boguslaw Dopart (Jagielonian University), Ph.D. Anna Kozłowska (UKSW), Dr Corinne Fournier Kiss (University of Bern), Ph.D. Jacek Kopciński (UKSW), Prof. Ph.D. Anna Lemańska (UKSW); Prof. Ph.D. Wiesław Macek (UKSW), Ph.D. Marcin Poręba (Warsaw University), Ph.D. Magdalena Saganiak (UKSW), Prof. Ph.D. Marek Szydłowski (Jagielonian University), Fr. Ph.D. Paweł Tambor (UJK, Kielce), Ph.D. Marian Turzański (CMU); Prof. Ph.D. Zofia Zarębianka (Jagiellonian University), Dr Mateusz Werner (UKSW) The essence of the project involves searching for categories that are common to various disciplines of human knowledge, as well as various cognitive and human activities in art (in the 20th century art and science were wrongly separated regarding their reflection of cognition). We are looking for common concepts, problems, structures, bridges, and new cognitive prospects.The first stage of our activities involves examining selected categories. The purpose of the meetings is to deepen the understanding of the concepts in use by each discipline – and to create links to other disciplines – thus deepening the self-consciousness of each discipline and working towards the unity of science – as a device describing the common world to us.Six conferences have taken place – all at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński.

October 22-23, 2009

I Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference:

„Meditation. The way of cognition, the intellectual attitude, the genre of discourse”

April 26-28, 2012

II Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference:

„Infinity in human reflection (theology, philosophy, spirituality, science, culture, art)”

April 18-20, 2013

III Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference:

„Difference – Identity – Change”

April 24-26, 2014

IV Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference:

„Existence – Nothingness – Nihilism”

April 14-16, 2016V Interdisciplinary Conference „Time – Space – Space-time”December 8-9, 2016, VI Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference   „Polish Society now. Self-consciousness – Approval – Education”December 2, 2017Scientific Conference:„Responsibility for word at literary communication” Further conferences are being planned: October 18-19, 2018VII International Interdisciplinary Conference:„Subject – Identity, Consciousness, Independence”November, 2020 VIII International Interdisciplinary Conference:„Experience”.  Gradually we have been building a meta-conscious reflection: on the ways of creating categories, on their functioning and differentiation – developing reflections on language theory, theories of mind, general methodology of sciences, cultural anthropology and other fields.  We have published:

(1) Medytacja. Sposób poznania, postawa intelektualna, gatunek dyskursu

[Meditation. The method of cognition, the intellectual attitude, the genre of discourse]. Ed. Teresa Kostkiewiczowa and Magdalena Saganiak, Wydawnictwo UKSW [UKSW Publishing House], Warszawa 2010

(2) Nieskończoność. Badania Interdyscyplinarne

[Infinity. Interdyscyplinary studies]. Ed. Magdalena Saganiak, Anna Kozłowska, Dominik Sulej, Warszawa 2017

Coming soon from Wydawnictwo Naukowe UKSW [UKSW Publishing House]:

(3) Byt. Interdyscyplinarne badania podstawowe. Część I: Różnica – tożsamość zmiana. Część II: Byt – nicość – nihilizm

[Being. Interdisciplinary Basic Research. Part I: Difference – Identity – Change. Part II: Existence – Nothingness – Nihilism]. Ed. Magdalena Saganiak, Anna Kozłowska, Mateusz Werner, Warszawa 2018

(4) Czas – przestrzeń – czasoprzestrzeń [Time – Space – Space-time]. Ed. Magdalena Saganiak, Anna Kozłowska, Dominik Sulej, Warszawa 2018

Research in a new area: Studies on national and European identity (language – culture – consciousness – self-determination).


Our purpose is learning about history, literature and culture as means of creating social bonds, rethinking knowledge of the past and present in order to develop possible projects of the future for society, integrating knowledge in various fields to identify the conditions of contemporary societies and develop proposals for their development, also in the aspect of participation in the community of Europeans, portraying culture as a sphere of shared experience, helpful in solving current tasks and problems.

Subject matter: language, ideas for thinking about society and nation, the types of internal diversity, the concepts of subjectivity, the concepts of individual freedom and collective relationships, the forms of tradition and memory, the types of religiosity and spirituality, the forms of self-determination.


Published:Społeczeństwo polskie dziś. Samoświadomość – uznanie  – edukacja [Polish Society now. Self-consciousness – Approval – Education] Ed. Magdalena Saganiak, Mateusz Werner, Magdalena Woźniewska-Działak, Łukasz Kucharczyk, Wydawnictwo NCK i Wydawnictwo UKSW, Warszawa 2018 (cooperation with National Centre for Culture Poland)We cordially invite you to join us!Leading team: Magdalena Saganiak, Anna Kozłowska, Marek Kowalski, Mateusz Werner