Invitation to the Conference: Subject – Identity, Consciousness, Independence

Interdisciplinary Program Council: Ph.D. Janina Buczkowska (WFCh UKSW); Ph.D. Anna Czajka-Cunico (UKSW, University of Genoa); Prof. Ph.D. Teresa Dobrzyńska (IBL PAN), Prof. Ph.D. Boguslaw Dopart (Jagiellonial University), Ph.D. Anna Kozłowska (UKSW), Dr Corinne Fournier Kiss (University of Bern), Ph.D. Jacek Kopciński (UKSW), Prof. Ph.D. Anna Lemańska (UKSW); Prof. Ph.D. Wiesław Macek (UKSW), Ph.D. Marcin Poręba (UW), Ph.D. Magdalena Saganiak (UKSW), Prof. Ph.D. Marek Szydłowski (Jagiellonian University), Fr. Ph.D. Paweł Tambor (UJK, Kielce), Fr. Ph. D. Jarosław Różański (UKSW); Ph.D. Marian Turzański (CMU); Prof. Ph.D. Zofia Zarębianka (Jagiellonian University), Dr Mateusz Werner (UKSW)



Wydział Nauk Humanistycznych

Uniwersytetu Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie

Zakład Metodologii Badań Literackich WNH UKSW

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It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in

the 7th Interdisciplinary Conference

Subject – Identity, Consciousness, Independence


which will take place at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw (Warsaw, Dewajtis 5 Street) on 18-19 October, 2018.

The category of subject is one of the most often considered in the era of “death of the subject”, which exhibits nonetheless increased activity, pursuing intensive reflection on dying, existence, identity, change and new possibilities.

We want to focus our discussion both on the subject understood as an individual, as well as a collective (a community, society, nation, community of nations, multicultural community, human and supra-human community).

To our discussion we invite representatives of theology, philosophy, human and social sciences, mathematics and natural studies. We are interested in every careful reflection that concerns the existence of the subject, the development of its awareness and self-awareness, finds its essence, describes the specifically human ability to learn, self-determine, create, play, relate to Nature, other people, the sphere of values, Transcendence.

We are interested in how the subject participates in a collective, types of inter-connections, the ability to form communities. In the year when Poland celebrates its Centennial of Independence we invite you specially to consider the phenomenon of nation – its existence, identity, spiritual singularness, inner divergencies, changes and the factor that causes it to remain itself, notwithstanding change. We are also extending our most cordial invitation to representatives of other nations and communities, who might want to draw on their own experiences.

An area where many important diagnoses have been made in respect of these matters is certainly art. Contemporary theatre and cinema, but not only, conduct particularly intensive searches for individual and collective identity.

As always, we will ask you for reflections on the categories featured in the title of the conference within the scope of your own field of interest – if possible – with an opening to other fields. The conference subject branches out widely and is complicated, so we are hoping for your infallible scientific instinct to will lead you to select the particular issue that will cast light on the whole, and will bring us closer to the question who we are – as individual subjects and members of collective ones.

The conference falls within the cycle that we initiated in 2009, open to all investigations of shared categories of human experience; as well as our second line of study developed since 2016 and dedicated to the collective identity of Poles. Both streams are soon to achieve an organizational form as a center of interdisciplinary fundamental studies which will allow us to function more efficiently, invite you more often to meetings and conferences, and apply more easily for resources to publish conference monographs and other works which may result from our collaboration.

Conference languages: Polish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian.



Respectfully yours,


Members of the Conference Program Council: prof. Bohdan Cywiński, prof. Krzysztof Dybciak, prof. Joanna Kurczewska, prof. Jadwiga Puzynina, prof. Andrzej Rottermund


Members of the Conference Organisation Committee:

prof. UKSW dr hab. Magdalena Saganiak, prof. UW Marcin Poręba, prof. dr hab. Wojciech Kudyba, prof. UKSW dr hab. Piotr Majewski, dr Piotr Dejneka, dr Halszka Leleń, dr Dominik Sulej, mgr Łukasz Kucharczyk