The Interdisciplinary Project of Basic Research

The essence of the project involves searching for categories that are common to various disciplines of human knowledge, as well as various cognitive and human activities in art (in the 20th century art and science were wrongly separated regarding their reflection of cognition). We are looking for common concepts, problems, structures, bridges, and new cognitive prospects.

The first stage of our activities involves examining selected categories. The purpose of the meetings is to deepen the understanding of the concepts in use by each discipline - and to create links to other disciplines - thus deepening the self-consciousness of each discipline and working towards the unity of science - as a device describing the common world to us.

Gradually we have been building a meta-conscious reflection: on the ways of creating categories, on their functioning and differentiation - developing reflections on language theory, theories of mind, general methodology of sciences, cultural anthropology and other fields.

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Program Council
Ph.D. Janina Buczkowska (UKSW); Prof. Ph.D. Teresa Dobrzy┼äska (IBL PAN), prof. Ph.D. Bogus┼éaw Dopart (Jagiellonian University), Ph.D. Anna Koz┼éowska (UKSW), Dr Corinne Fournier Kiss (University of Bern), Prof. Ph.D. Siergiej Gindin (Russian State University for the Humanities), Ph.D. Jacek Kopci┼äski (UKSW), Ph.D. Marek Kowalski (UKSW), Prof. Ph.D. Anna Lema┼äska (UKSW); Prof. Ph.D. Jaros┼éaw ┼üawski (University of Bern); Prof. Ph.D. Wies┼éaw Macek (UKSW), Ph.D. Marcin Por─Öba (UW), Fr. Prof. Ph.D. Jaros┼éaw Ró┼╝a┼äski (UKSW); Ph.D. Magdalena Saganiak (UKSW) (chairwoman), Dr Dominik Sulej; prof. Ph.D. Marek Szyd┼éowski (Jagiellonian University), Fr. Ph.D. Pawe┼é Tambor (KUL), Ph.D. Marian Turza┼äski (WMP UKSW); Dr Mateusz Werner (WNH UKSW), Prof. Ph.D. Zofia Zar─Öbianka (Jagiellonian University)